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STARS Portal

The student portal allows you to gain access to Academics, Registration and Financials, all from your fingertips.

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LIRN Portal

Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN) is FAN’s Online Library & Information Resource Center. It’s filled with many Academic and Scholarly publications.

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Student Handbook

FAN’s Student Handbook is published to help you understand the institution’s policies and procedures. The handbook contains information to enhance the quality of a student's educational experience. Please download a PDF copy for your reference.


Academic Catalog

 FAN’s Academic Catalog 2018-2019 provides essential information about the institution. Please download a PDF copy for your reference.

the following documents are provided via PDF versions. In order to view and read the material, you may need to download a free PDF reader application. Please click the link to acquire your PDF reader: adobe acrobat reader