Welcome to Florida Academy of Nursing

Our mission is to serve the public good by educating nurses who are poised to deliver quality patient care with a kind and compassionate attitude. We aim to create a challenging but nurturing learning environment that encourages high expectations for success. Our goal is to attract both students and faculty who strive to give their very best.

In the end, we want Florida Academy of Nursing (FAN) graduates to be in a league of their own so that they become strong assets to those healthcare organizations that hire them.

RN to BSN Goal Consistent with the mission of the Academy, FAN's RN to BSN program goal is to provide transformative education, by preparing the professional and competent nurses to promote and enhance the health of persons, communities, and the larger global environment through the discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge and service to others. The baccalaureate nurse is committed to the advancement of nursing knowledge and practice. S/he values lifelong learning and achievement.

PN Goal Our goal is to help our PN students acquire the knowledge and technical skills required to contribute to the nursing process as part of the healthcare team and to prepare them to successfully meet licensure requirements.

Our Guiding Philosophy: At Florida Academy of Nursing, we recognize that our most important asset is our people—our faculty, students and staff. We seek distinguished and interesting people who are both passionate about nursing and equally well qualified to train the next generation of nurses. We support both academic and clinical excellence in our students by providing an unparalleled educational experience. We utilize innovative technologies to make learning more accessible, recognizing that each student may have his/her own, unique learning style. We celebrate the diverse and unique skills of our people and their FAN contribution to creating a dynamic learning environment. Our commitment to our students and alumni, is our legacy.

Description of School Facilities & Equipment: At 2 stories and 5,450 square feet, Florida Academy of Nursing’s campus is located in a modern, easy to-access facility with classrooms, a medical laboratory, a library, a computer lab and a student lounge. Equipment for each program offered is kept up-to-date. Our goal is to ensure that students have all available resources needed to complete their academic and clinical requirements.

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